Einstein Gravity from the N=4 Spinning Particle


November 26, 2018 [Monday] @ 15:00 Dr. Adiel Meyer (Tel Aviv University & Holon Institute of Technology) will give a talk on “Einstein Gravity from the N=4 Spinning Particle”.




We obtain a manifestly background independent BRST quantization of the N=4 supersymmetric spinning particle. We show that nilpotency of the BRST charge Q implies the Einstein equations admitting a cosmological constant of indefinite sign. The physical graviton states are given by the vertex operator, obtained by an infinitesimal variation of Q , acting on diffeomorphism ghost states. In addition, the tree-point graviton scattering vertex is correctly reproduced by the worldline computation with these vertex operators.



Place: Holon Institute of Technology, Faculty of Sciences, Seminar Room 424/8.
(Light refreshments will be served at 14:45)


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