The Leonardo Da Vinci international Conference at HIT


The Leonardo Da Vinci Conference, starting Monday Nov 4th,

at HIT Holon Institute of Technology, Golomb 52 St. Holon.

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Da Vinci international Conference at HIT


Gigantic water constructions, cogwheels based computers, multi barreled cannons and flying machines- all these were researched by Leonardo Da Vinci already in the 15th Century.


The man who was always ahead of his tome and that dealt with every possible field, strived to understand everything in the world.


HIT Holon Institute of Technology, has organized an International conference which will shed some light on the mystery and present the scope and depth of his thinking.


Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci
The world is marking the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci's death. Already in the 15th century he was related to as a god and a genius. He was blessed with a rare perception ability, a phenomenal visual memory and an unbelievable drawing talent. , which had brought upon some of the world's great master pieces such as the "Mona Lisa" and "The last Supper".


Leonardo thought of himself primarily as a painter, but his relentless curiosity has led him to almost every known human knowledge as well as to inventing ambitious and grand scale projects which had spread around Europe.


The notebooks left by Da Vinci reveal a rich inner world of a person who wanted to know and understand everything there is in the world.


These notebooks include endless intriguing questions like what is the reason for laughter. Why is the sky blue? What happens exactly on the border line between water and air? Why do distant objects seem blurry as opposed to near objects? What is the place of the human soul in the body?


As part of the series of conferences "The outstanding Scientists" HIT will host on Nov. 4th an International conference which will delve into the brain of one of the most intellectual brilliant minds of humanity ever.


"The amount of knowledge that is found today in humanity at large is so vast and diverse that one cannot presume that there is one human being which has all that human knowledge. Says Prof. Adir Pridor, mathematician who chairs the conference. "But in the past, when the body of knowledge was narrower, there were few unique personalities which were considered to have known everything that was known to humanity at their time. One of them was Leonardo Da Vinci.


"Leonardo had deeply explored many and diverse  scientific fields such as Mathematics, Astronomy, Mechanics, Military Engineering, Hydraulics, Aeronautics, Zoology , Anatomy, Costume Design, Play productions, Musical Instruments design and more.


He was a devoted observer of nature. For instance in one of his lists he wrote that  a dragonfly has 4 wings and while flying it moves two of its wings downwards and two upwards. Needless to say that this observation and others had led him to far reaching conclusions.


Leonardo's Ideal City


The speakers at the Da Vinci conference will talk about the many fields of knowledge that Da Vinci dealt with and will seek to show how his inventions and ideas influence us even today, In addition to the conference the exhibition "Plans for Utopia" will unfold before the viewers idealistic approaches in city planning following Leonardo. The exhibition will present historical planning ideas that were used in the past 500 years and eight modern projects from New York, London Dubai and more.









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Starting Monday Nov 4th, at HIT

Holon Institute of Technology, Golomb 52 St. Holon.

Free entrance upon registration at:



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Posted: 31/10/2019