The M.Sc. Program

The Masters Degree in Technology Management (M. Sc.)

The scientific field of Technology Management is a rapidly expanding and is most significant for economic development in Israel. These Masters studies (no thesis must be submitted) respond to the needs of upper management in the hi-tech industry at this time of enhanced development of technological knowledge and managerial methodologies in Israel. This program at HIT is unique in Israel.
The Masters program grants its graduates an M. Sc. consisting of studies in: technology management; engineering; economics; the sciences; the knowledge, methods and scientific of management and technology, to enable them to develop academically and practically in this area. This program of studies focuses on advanced management technologies, managerial characteristics of novel technological systems, financial and economic management of technological systems and innovative technologies in specific fields.
Within the framework of this program, the student may choose one of the following specializations: system engineering; quality assurance and reliability; or information technology (IT) management.
The student may opt not to choose one specific specialization area and may rather choose from a variety of the offered courses.
These studies cover 5-6 semesters, including a summer semester, in which the students acquire 39 credit points. With the completion of their studies, the students submit a final project based on the tools acquired during their studies.
This course of studies is appropriate for Bachelor degree graduates in Technology Management or Industrial Management Engineering, as well as graduates in other engineering fields, economics or sciences.