Research and Final Projects

Surface Test Laboratories – Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
The Scanning Electron Microscope is one of the basic tools in surface research. It provides an accurate diagnosis of the limits of various materials in cross-section or in progress of diffusion on surfaces.
Material Structure Analysis Laboratory – Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
This laboratory is designated for material structure research, for the study of flaws in materials, borders between nuclei, deformation and fracturing processes, an examination of nano-materials as well as various crystallographic structures.
Atomic Microscope Laboratory
For the examination of the roughness and topography of surfaces. Using this device, we can identify and characterize flaws on the sample's surface, as well as measure it and provide a three-dimensional image of the surface to detect the remains of polish, grooves and cracks on the surface at single-atom precision.
X-ray Diffractometer Laboratory
This machine creates an oblique image in order to study a sample's crystal structure and its order of atomic planes. Using waves and analysis, the device enables us to measure the direction of the crystallographic axes and determine the remains of the strain in the sample under study.
Plasma Physics Laboratory
 In this laboratory plasma is generated using electromagnetic waves in order to study how plasma density and ionic energy are controlled through electric and magnetic fields.
Students learn about the use of plasma in surface processing and how surfaces are prepared for the assembly of electronic components and devices.