Microwave Photonics Research Laboratory

Research activities of the Microwave Photonics Laboratory are focused on optical control of microwave components and circuits. A novel method has been developed for the direct conversion of an optical signal into a microwave signal of the ASK and BPSK formats. The method has been implemented and investigated by using micro strip components prepared in cooperation with Israeli and foreign laboratories. The Microwave Photonics Laboratory is equipped with optical tables, Near-Infra-Red (NIR) lasers, optical components and generators in the microwave range of about 10 GHz. In the Microwave Photonics Laboratory some research projects are carried out by graduate students from Israeli universities as well as some final projects by outstanding HIT students. Currently, the novel method for the direct conversion of an optical channel into a microwave channel is being investigated. The novel effect of the photo-breakdown is being studied, i.e., breakdown at a low voltage at the open-circuited transmission line based on the Si substrate. The academic staff of the laboratory consists of Professor Moti Haridim, Dr. Yossef Ben Ezra and Dr. Boris Lembrikov.