Microwave Laboratory

The Microwave laboratory has been created in cooperation with the Microwave division of Elisra.
It is equipped with the following units: network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal generator, wide band oscilloscope, LCR-meter, different microwave components, LPKF setup for the manufacturing of printed circuits and antennas. The laboratory contains 5 ADS-Agilent simulation posts, which is the leading simulation program in the field of microwave circuits, as well as Microwave Studio-CST for precise three-dimensional simulation of microwave components.
The research of the laboratory focuses on advanced microwave components and systems. Some research projects are carried out in cooperation with Elisra. Research activities include design, simulation, manufacturing and measurement of components and systems. The academic staff of the laboratory consists of Professor Haim Mezner (head of the laboratory) and Professor Moti Haridim.
Professor Haim Mezner is a leading world expert in the field of microwaves and antennas. Recently some advanced microwave components for Elisra have been developed that have been integrated into communication systems. For instance, a high frequency multiplier and mm wave mixer have been developed.