Antenna Laboratory

The antenna laboratory is a center for experimental device prototype production for industry and a research laboratory. The laboratory operates in the frequency range of 0.3-22 GHz. It includes an echo-less room, network analyzers, computerized control system for electromagnetic radiation measurement, an LPKF setup for printed antenna manufacturing.
The specialized programs Zeland IE3D and Microwave Studio-CST are used for antenna numerical simulations. There are dozens of different antennas including gauge antennas for the frequency range of 0.03-40 GHz. Advanced antennas research is carried out in the laboratory including the following stages: design, simulation, manufacturing and measurement. The academic staff of the laboratory consists of Professor Haim Mezner (head of the laboratory) and Professor Moti Haridim . In recent years, the laboratory's staff developed a number of prototypes of printed antennas for high-tech industries.