HIT's Faculty of Design to show at Milan's Design Week events

An unprecedented achievement to the Faculty of Design at HIT- Two exhibitions will be presented during Milan's design events in April, as well as in Venice's Architecture Biennale in May 2016.
The opening exhibition "YES &" will be presented as part of the"Milan Triennial Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Modern Architecture" on April 2nd. The exhibition is curated by Mr. Luka Or, a lecturer at the Industrial Design department in the Design faculty. The exhibition consists of the works of 20 Israeli designers who have either graduated from HIT, teach or still study there and allows the visitors to get a glimpse of Israeli contemporary design . All designers work in Israel and their works reflect their daily life, surroundings and environment.

Aya Zehavi
The second exhibition "Poetry", will start on April 12th, with the announcement of the "Milan Design Week 2016". HIT will present the "Rethinking the Pencil" project, by 3rd year design students, which challenged them to rethink and give a new, innovative and unique meaning and design to the most banal object- the pencil. The course instructors were Mr. Luka Or and Ms. Keren Tomer.

Segev Moisa
The 3rd exhibition will take place during the Venice's architecture Biennale which will start on May 28th 2016. HIT will be represented by Dr. Yael Eylat Van Essen, faculty member and lecturer at the Faculty of Design, who is the curator of the Israeli pavilion together with a group of graduates of the Master's program in Integrated Design, who are the research assistants in this project: Yana Elad, Aran Rubinstein and Michal Steiner.
The exhibition deals with the interface of the architectural and biological disciplines based on collaboration between scientists and architects aiming at exploring future possibilities in architecture.

OrloginYellow - Ben Broyda
Prof. Eduard Yakubov, president of HIT said that the institute is proud to lead its students to be the cutting edge of design and technology and to give them the best possible stage to show their achievements worldwide, thus proving again the high level of studies at HIT".
Prof. Dana Arieli, Dean of the Faculty of Design said that the fact that HIT is presenting in 3 exhibitions abroad almost simultaneously, is the embodiment of the fact that the faculty of design continues to stand at the forefront of the design world .