"In the Middle" - Three exhibitions of the Faculty of Design in Tel Aviv

Over 100 works in 3 exhibitions will be presented at the "In the Middle" exhibition that will be open during Pesach in Tel Aviv. These will present the works of students from the Faculty of Design at HIT.
Prof. Dana Arieli, Dean of the Faculty of Design: "we wish to put the focus here on the creative process because it encompasses almost everything- the idea, the various ways it could be presented, the story behind the product and the connections between the initial idea and its development processes.
It is the 10th year that the faculty of design is showing the "In the Middle" exhibition and this year it will be presented in 2 spacious halls at the "Tachana" area in Neve Tzedek,Tel Aviv, with the façade of the old Tel Aviv Railway station which will be used as background for the works display.

Lee Ben Moshe, Interior Design
Dudi Raved, head of the Industrial Design Department: "In the Middle" exhibition is a good example of how academic and practical works combine. In an era where too much attention is focused on virtual works on the various social networks, it is important to show that there are those who actually do. The works presented in the exhibition prove that industrial design is always around us, in every aspect of our lives and is mainly done by people, for the benefit of people".

Efrat Ivanir, Industrial Design
Paddy Mergui, curator of the visual communications design exhibition: "Nothing is more whole than a broken heart" is a philosophical and spiritual concept that probably shows the essence of our work. Visual communications design is one that creates a message and a meaning and in the same time creates cracks in our thoughts".

Shirley Meir ,Visual communications design
Arie Berkowitz, curator of the Interior Design department's exhibition: the title "Under construction" is meant to show the visitors the work process of unfinished projects on their way to termination. These are made of exercises given to the students throughout the year and show a process of forming an idea and implementing it in plans, programs and models: furniture parts, building parts, clothing parts etc".
Hatachana, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv
Opening date: April 24, 2016
Closing date: April 30, 2016