Imitating Michal Joy – a new exhibition at the Vitrוna gallery

Photographer and dancer meet on a night ride on the Haifa subway.
A random conversation between them turns into a curious voyage of impulses, urges and passion.

The result is an intriguing photography exhibition called "Imitating Michal Joy", by Yigal Felix, Michal Gil and Shay Govhary, which deals with the emotions, urges and impulses that result from a random meeting between two strangers.

The face of Michal Joy is a mirror to the dark but rather pleasant secrets that are hidden inside each of us. The exhibition presents 46 photographs and a catalogue which is actually Yigal's diary, where he had documented the entire 2 years creation process.

Yigal Felix- married +3. Photographer. Artist, graduate of the photography department at the Bezalel Academy of Art. His works were presented in exhibitions at the Louvre in Paris, the Tel Aviv Museum and more. Yigal is the founder of "Kaleidoscope" publishing house which specializes in Israel photography albums.

Michal Gil - Dancer and creator. Member of the 'Shlomi Alternative Theatre ensemble'. Researcher of body expressions.

Shay Govhary- Researcher,artist and producer. Graduated from the 'Shlomi Alternative Theatre. Shay had presented in various exhibitions in Israel and abroad. In her works she deals with the tension created between exposure, intimacy and hiding.

Closing date: March 17, 2016