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The exhibition 'Composed' presents photographs taken by Yael Argov-Hacmun from 2004 to 2017.

The Julia Mizrahi Vitrina Gallery and the Faculty of Design, Holon Institute of Technology are proud to present Collaborators, a two person exhibition of recent paintings and works on paper by Hanan Shlonsky and Eyal Danieli.

Eitan Bartal, lecturer at the Visual Communications Design dept. in the Faculty of Design at HIT, takes part in a unique exhibition at the Parasol Projects Gallery in NYC . The exhibition, "A Walk Of Art" focuses on conceptual, artistic, and extreme footwear, aims to reevaluate the occult power and mystery of shoes.

Max Israeliana is the sequel to the book Pax Israeliana, published in 2014

Projects that explore a wide range of feelings, desires, fears, dreams and novelties which serve as an exciting mirror to what is going on in Israel and abroad.

The exhibition deals with graphic design but without showing real graphic design.

Over 100 works in 3 exhibitions will be presented at the "In the Middle" exhibition that will be open during Pesach in Tel Aviv.

Two exhibitions will be presented during Milan's design events in April, as well as in Venice's Biennale in May 2016.

The exhibition will deal with the Endpaper which binds together the book and its cover.

The Exhibition "Selected Items" presents unique items and details taken from projects in the making.