Faculties & Departments

  • Faculties & Departments

  • Curricula, research laboratories and professional Faculty and staff are our recipe for training a new generation of scientists, engineers, managers and designers with innovative, multi - disciplinary and breakthrough thinking.
  • Digital Medical Technologies
  • Digital Medical Technologies

    For the first time in Israel's history, the Council for Higher Education accredits an Institution of Higher Education with a one-of-a-kind B.Sc. degree that will qualify students in Digital Medical Technologies. In tight collaboration with Israel's leading hospitals, the curriculum will revolve around artificial intelligence, big data, telemedicine, and robotics. The graduates will be integrated into the Bio-Med and Info-Med industries and those eager to study toward an M.D. in Medicine (4 year-track) will be entitled to pursue their studies.
  • The Faculty of Electric and Electronics Engineering
  • Faculty of Electric and Electronics Engineering

    The biggest faculty at the Institute is also one of the largest Israeli breeding grounds for leading engineers, who are most successful in integrating into various branches of industry and contributing to the progress of the State of Israel as a leading technological power.
    This Faculty is a leader in Israel in the field of alternative energy, and its members engage in various aspects of R&D in this area.
  • The Faculty of Design
  • Faculty of Design

    In the recent years, the Faculty of Design has become a magnet for the future generation of designers. Its curriculum encourages independent, creative and critical thinking. The rich variety of inspiring workshops, close cooperation with industry and constant interaction with the other faculties at HIT grant its graduates professional, managerial and academic proficiencies, considered among the best in Israel.
  • The Faculty of Management of Technology
  • Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management

    The Faculty of Technology Management is unique in Israel. It trains Bachelor and Master Degree students to manage complex techno-engineering projects and to cope with the managerial challenges involved: budget management, scheduling, manpower management, quality control and how to maintain the satisfaction of the stockholders and project clients.
  • Faculty of Instructional Technologies
  • Faculty of Instructional Technologies

    Faculty of Instructional Technologies is a one-of-a-kind Faculty in Israel. It grants its graduates a B.A degree and a M.A degree in this field. This faculty is the right place for students interested in the worlds of new media and digital content, who aspire to transform their hobbies into a profession in demand. The studies in this faculty suit people with backgrounds in instruction and training or interactive design, and those who think 'outside the box' and are interested in combining their creative natures with their training ability.
  • The Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Sciences

    The Departments of Applied Mathematics and of Computer Sciences prepare quality graduates with scientific skills and breakthrough creativity to stand at the forefront of technology and to cope with the fascinating challenges it poses them.