Yyair Lampl


Prof. Lampl Yair

The discipline of brain stroke
E.Wolfson medical center, Holon
Prof. Lampl Yair


Yair Lampl M.D, MSc., married +2
Date and place of birth: 1949, Petah-Tikva, Israel.

High school "Municipally School A" Tel-Aviv.
Military service in Israel Defense Forces.

Studied medicine in the faculty of medicine, Vienna University, Austria.
Studied mathematics and logics in the faculty of mathematics, Vienna University, Austria.
MD- doctor of medicine and MSc- master of science.
Prof. in the school of medicine, university of Tel-Aviv,
Intern of neurology in neurological department, Edith Wolfson medical center, Holon. Postgraduate education and fellowship in the cerebrovascular unit, Kantonal Spital, Basel, Switzerland; Neurochemical laboratory research center Goettingen University, Germany;
Neurological department and cerebrovascular unit, John Hopkins medical center, Baltimore, USA.
Pharmaceutics reseach in the Pharma industry, Basel, Switzerland.
Senior physician and deputy chief in the neurological department, E.Wolfson medical center, Holon.
2007-2014 head of neurological department, E.Wolfson medical center, Holon.
2014- in charge for the discipline of brain stroke in E.Wolfson medical center, Holon.
Publication in more than 100 medical professional journals; 7 chapters in professional books and leading encyclopedias, all abroad.
Member of several medical committees and different medical organizations in Israel and abroad.