HIT's Honorary Degrees

Mr. Ziv Aviram

Ziv Aviram

HIT bestows an Honorary Degree upon Ziv Aviram, in recognition of his unwavering efforts to serve as a change-maker in the high-tech industry by developing pioneering cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence platforms driven by his commitment to place technology at the service of humanity.

One of Israel’s most esteemed managers and entrepreneurs, in 1999, Aviram co-founded Mobileye and held the positions of President and CEO. Mobileye became the leading supplier of Advanced Driver Assist Systems and autonomous driving technology while changing transportation as we know it. In 2014, Mobileye went public and claimed the title of the largest Israeli IPO ever. In 2017, Intel acquired Mobileye, paying the highest acquisition price for any Israeli company at the time.

In 2010, Aviram co-founded OrCam and served as the company’s President and CEO for 11 years. Today he serves as its Co-Chairman. The company incorporates pioneering technology into a revolutionary wearable platform, which improves the lives of individuals who are partially sighted, blind, or have reading difficulties including dyslexia, aphasia, and more.

As part of his business agenda and activities, Aviram recognizes the importance of the Israeli high-tech industry and advises, accompanies, and invests in tens of startups in Medicine, Automotive Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, and more. His choice of investment is guided by the venture’s contribution to humanity.

In 2021, together with his four children, Aviram established the Aviram Foundation. The Foundation reflects the values of the family and promotes social ventures for the benefit of humanity. In 2021, the Foundation launched the "Aviram Awards", a competition for life-changing ideas and ventures around Israel and the Middle East to single out transformative initiatives that place technology at the service of humanity.

Through his commitment to creating extraordinary and revolutionary technologies which have the potential to change the world, Ziv Aviram shares the vision and values of HIT-Holon Institute of Technology, which strives to advance higher technology education and engagement with Israel’s industry in order to lead to innovative solutions to ‘real-life’ problems.