HIT's Honorary Degrees

Mr. Meir Spiegler

Meir Spiegler

HIT bestows an Honorary Degree upon Meir Spiegler, in recognition of his tireless efforts to ensure the economic well-being and social security of Israel’s most vulnerable populations. By identifying with the plight of Israel’s citizens and by recognizing the importance of compassion in an enlightened society, Mr. Spiegler has fostered an innovative organizational culture which strengthens belief in the sanctity of public service, mutual responsibility and the core values of Israeli society.

Meir Spiegler was recently elected to the role of CEO of the Israel Electric Company, which is the guardian of Israel’s energy security and facilitator of the country’s high quality of life.

He was born in Safed to Dov Spiegler, a Holocaust survivor, who participated in the War of Independence and later was awarded the Border Police’s first medal of honor.

On his mother’s side, Zofia is the sixth generation of the Abo family, which came to Safed from Algeria, and for the past 190 years, has been the namesake of the traditional ceremony for transferring the Torah scroll to the tomb of Rashbi in Meron on Lag b’Omer.

Mr. Spiegler served as Chairman of the Student Union at the Technion, where he completed his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering, and later completed his law degree and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association. He received his Master’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in finance and capital markets.

For more than two decades, Meir Spiegler has served in a variety of senior positions in public service: CEO of the Ministry of Religions; in charge of authorizing foreign workers at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor; key positions at the Israel Postal Service, the Jewish National Fund and for the past five years, the National Institute of Insurance (NII).

It was at the NII that he was able to use his considerable business acumen and heightened sense of humanity. He oversaw the organization’s response to the Corona pandemic, providing support and preventing the financial ruin of hundreds of thousands of families and citizens.

In the wake of the war on the Ukraine, and concurrently with his position as CEO at the National Institute of Insurance, Mr. Spiegler was appointed by the Prime Minister to head the National Task Force for absorption of immigrants from the Ukraine and Russia. In this role, he demonstrated, once again, his sensitivity and compassion for the tens of thousands of immigrants who, overnight, became penniless refugees.

The values which were instilled in Mr. Spiegler from earliest childhood have shaped his distinguished path in life and his noble humanitarian acts.

HIT – Holon Institute of Technology, as a public institution which strives to provide a world-class higher education to all strata of Israeli society, serves as a leader in social action by supporting the economically or emotionally needy on their academic journey toward excellence. It is these values and goals for bettering Israeli society which best demonstrate the shared worldview of Mr. Meir Spiegler and HIT.