HIT's Honorary Degrees

Mrs. Judith Bronitzky

Judith Bronitzky

Judith Bronitzky is Co-CEO of ORMAT Technologies, Inc., a company founded together with her husband, Yehuda. She has contributed significantly to Israel’s global exports and has turned turbine export into one of the most prosperous fields in Israeli industry.

Together with her husband, she founded a professional - industrial high school which provides an opportunity for high-school dropouts to continue their studies, helping to strengthen the human capital which advances Israel’s efforts to maintain its status as a leading nation in science and technology.

As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, Judith Bronitzky is a role model to all generations of women who see her as breaking the glass ceiling and paving a meaningful road for women in industry. As such, Mrs. Bronitzky is a role model for the core values that are an inherent part of Hit’s DNA, which tirelessly promotes gender equality and appropriate representation of women in science and technology.

For all of the above HIT is granting her an Honorary Degree.