HIT's Honorary Degrees

Mrs. Adina Bar Shalom

Adina Bar Shalom

"In order to create, one must dream. My lifetime achievement was to make higher education accessible to ultra-orthodox women by establishing the Jerusalem College for Haredi Women in Jerusalem. This is the most appropriate response to ensuring equal opportunity.”

Adina Bar-Shalom's longstanding commitment to promote unity and understanding between all segments of Israeli society was the driving force behind her commitment to making higher education accessible to the Orthodox community.

This has effected a significant change among the Orthodox sector and in Israeli society as a whole. Her motto – "Where there's a will there's a way" – reflects HIT's vision to make higher technological and scientific education accessibefor all, while striving to imbue values of social responsibility and responsible citizenship.

For all of the above HIT is granting her a Lifetime Achievement Award.