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Lifetime Achievement Awards - 2019


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If there is something of utmost importance, it is the thought of future generations, the young people who are the future of our country and the entire world, and how we can take advantage of science and technology for the sake of the future.

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אם אין - לא למחוק את התא בטבלה! להשאיר תא ריק

A founding father of the Israeli high-tech industry

טקסט מלא

Mr. Uzia Galil immigrated alone to the State of Israel in 1941, at the age of 16. following the Bucharest pogrom. In 1947, he graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Technion and in 1953, he obtained his master degree from the Purdue University, USA. Committed to creating a knowledge-based industry, he initiated and promoted practical collaborations between the academia and the industry. In 1962, he founded "Elron", Israel's first high-tech company. Over the years, "Elron" became an "Operating Holding company"; home to some crucial players in the international high-tech industry market.

As a tribute to his considerable work and tremendous impact in positioning Israel as the Start-up Nation, Mr. Uzia Galil received countless awards and honors, including the 1997 Israel Prize for his special contribution to Society and the State.

Over the recent years, he is devoted to advancing the fields of medical information systems and personalized medicine.

Mr. Uzia Galil's achievements are in line with HIT's vision: to be a unique Israeli institution of higher education that combines dynamic academic teaching, applied research, and close collaborations with the industry and the Israeli society.

For all this and more, HIT is proud to bestow upon Mr. Uzia Galil
a Lifetime Achievement Award.