Honorary Degrees - 2015
Prof. Ruth Arnon

Prof. Ruth Arnon


A researcher, scientist, and trailblazer in the field of Immunochemistry, Prof. Arnon is one of the pioneers of the use of synthetic molecules for immunization. Her studies on Multiple Sclerosis led to the development of a synthetic polymer which serves as the basis for the Copaxone drug.

Prof. Arnon currently serves as President of the Israeli Academy of Sciences. She has published hundreds of studies in leading international journals, and is a member of the board of several prominent scientific publications.

Alongside her impressive scientific achievements as a model academic and researcher, Prof. Arnon has devoted much of her time to helping integrate Israeli colleges into the highest levels of theoretical and applied research.

Her life's work is a model for HIT's values: promoting women in science and technology, and encouraging the collaboration of academia and the hi-tech industry in theoretical and applied research.

For all of the above she is granted an Honorary Degree.