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Honorary Degrees - 2017


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President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 2017 Israel Prize Laureate for Legal Research, Professor Emeritus at Tel Aviv University, former Rector of Tel Aviv University.

Professor Cohen is awarded this Honorary Degree in recognition of her extensive work and numerous achievements in both academia and the legal field, with special emphasis on Contract Law, Torts Law and Unjust Enrichment.

Professor Cohen succeeded in integrating various domains of knowledge in her academic endeavors, such as law and literature, human rights and science, creating a unique and fertile multidisciplinary contexture.

Professor Cohen’s relentless efforts to secure research budgets for the advancement of Science in the State of Israel along with the establishment of collaboration with other academic institutions are reflected in the strategic plan of HIT. In line with this vision, HIT is committed to promoting advanced infrastructure for applied and multidisciplinary teaching and research. These deeds are crucial for the preservation of the State of Israel’s continued scientific and technological vanguard.

For all of the above she is granted an Honorary Degree.