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Honorary Degrees - 2016


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שם מלא - כותרת חומה בגדול Mr. Yair Seroussi


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טקסט מלא

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Bank Hapoalim.

An education activist, who had initiated many unique and innovative large scale projects that harness business people to assist in raising funds and management knowledge to schools managements teams, in order to help them create an educational and social “revolution” in peripheral schools in Israel.

He has made relentless efforts to establish youth entrepreneurship centers, which will help develop their personal skills as young entrepreneurs and leaders and thus had left his mark on an entire generation who, in turn, will lead the state of Israel to great achievements in the future.

Mr. Yair Seroussi reflects, in all of his activities, the values that are an inherent part of HIT’s agenda, which attributes utmost importance to developing excellence among youth in Holon and its vicinity as well as developing quality and excellence among students and the academic staff.

For all of the above he is granted an Honorary Degree.