The Late President SHIMON PERES

LifeTime Achievement Awards - 2016
Mr. Shimon Peres

Mr. Shimon Peres

In order to create one needs to dream. If the sum of your dreams exceeds the sum of your achievements – you are young. To dream is more important than to remember

The late 9th president of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres.

Israel’s 9th president, Nobel Laureate, former Prime Minister and a minister in various offices in former governments. In his widely recognized, extensive public political, educational and social activities, Mr. Peres is a role model.

Mr. Peres is one of the major initiators and corner stones of the regional peace process. His vision, ambition, statesmanship and uncompromising desire to create a “New Middle East” and thus a new and better life and future to everyone who lives here, his relentless efforts to promote education, multidisciplinary nowledge, culture and social responsibility, are considered groundbreaking and make him indeed a perfect role model.

Undoubtedly his great contribution is crucial to Israel’s nature, character and spirit as a state as well as his influence on the country’s young generation and on his ability to contribute and strengthen the country’s pillars in industry, defense and economy.

Mr. Shimon Peres is a role model for the fulfillment of HIT’s vision – to qualify its graduates in Sciences, Technology and Design, educate them to strive for excellence and become an integral part of Israel’s industry and society as useful citizens who share social responsibility.

For all of the above, he is presented a Lifetime Achievement Award.