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Honorary Degrees - 2015


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advanced קוביה


שם מלא - כותרת חומה בגדול Mr. Stef Wertheimer


אם אין - לא למחוק את התא בטבלה! להשאיר תא ריק


קרדיט מתחת לציטוט

אם אין - לא למחוק את התא בטבלה! להשאיר תא ריק


טקסט מלא

A visionary and an achiever, a trailblazer and leader in his field, Mr. Wertheimer has made a unique contribution to the advancement of the State of Israel, its industry and society. Through his efforts to foster professional training for youth, adapted to changing technological and social needs, and his encouragement of socially responsible business entrepreneurship, Mr. Wertheimer has made an indelible imprint on Israeli society and raised the quality of life among residents of the Negev and Galilee.

Mr. Wertheimer serves as a role model for HIT – a leading academic institution, which grooms its graduates to make their mark on the 
technological business world, and fosters programs for excellence among youth, in order to train and help integrate them into higher education.

For all of the above he is granted an Honorary Degree.