Supreme Court Justice DORIT BEINISCH

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Honorary Degrees - 2015


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Mrs. Dorit Beinish made history as the first female president of the Supreme Court of Israel, a culmination of many years shaping Israeli law.

A beacon of law and order, Judge Beinisch has always been singularly committed to pursuing the values of justice and the rule of law. She is a pioneer in her field, being the first woman to serve as President of the Israeli Supreme Court and, before that, as State Attorney. Judge Beinisch has made a crucial contribution to protecting the rule of law and safeguarding human rights in the state of Israel.

Judge Beinisch serves as a model for the values implicit in the Institute’s vision: education towards good citizenship and assuming social and environmental responsibility, and making higher education in science and technology more accessible for the entire population.

For all of the above she is granted an Honorary Degree.