The IMPACT! Scholarship Program

מלבן חום למעלה

Honorary Degrees - 2019


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advanced קוביה


שם מלא - כותרת חומה בגדול The IMPACT! Scholarship Program For combat Soldiers by FIDF


אם אין - לא למחוק את התא בטבלה! להשאיר תא ריק


קרדיט מתחת לציטוט

אם אין - לא למחוק את התא בטבלה! להשאיר תא ריק


טקסט מלא

In recognition of this outstanding and unique scholarship initiative and in recognition of its enduring accomplishments in making the dream of higher education accessible to tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers, while imparting them with values of social commitment and mutual responsibility.

By making higher-education accessible to discharged soldiers, the IMPACT! Scholarship Program enables these latter to fulfil their potential, while strengthening the bonds between the state and society. HIT thus expresses its everlasting gratitude to the FIDF for funding the undergraduate studies of low socioeconomic backgrounds' combat and combat support soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

For all this and more, HIT Holon Institute of Technology is proud to bestow its Honorary Degree upon the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF)'s IMPACT! Scholarship Program.