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LifeTime Achievement Awards - 2018


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My lifetime achievement was making higher education accessible by founding the 'Jerusalem Orthodox college'. This is the appropriate way through which we can achieve equal opportunities.

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אם אין - לא למחוק את התא בטבלה! להשאיר תא ריק

Israel Prize Laureate and Founder of the Orthodox Jerusalem College

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Mrs. Bar Shalom’s lifelong social activities and her relentless efforts to bring together all sectors of Israeli society, have enabled the Orthodox community to gain access to higher education, thus generating a significant change in the Orthodox sector in particular and in Israeli society as a whole.

Her motto – "Where there's a will there's a way" – reflects HIT's vision to make higher technological and scientific education accessible to all sectors of Israeli society, while striving for social responsibility and responsible citizenship.

For all of the above, HIT is honored to present her with a Lifetime Achievement Award.