Traceless Biometrics

00:00 24-03-2008

'Times New Roman','serif'; mso-fareast-font-family: Batang; mso-fareast-language: KO; mso-ansi-language: EN-GB; mso-bidi-language: HE">One of the most crucial questions in any transaction is the identity of the entity (person) with whom the transaction is being conducted. Historically, personal relationships, face-to-face contract signings, notaries, and third party counsel are used to help establish trust in this most important aspect of conducting our business. As the reliance on paper shifts to electronic transactions and documents, so must the reliance on traditional trust factors shift to electronic security measures to authenticate before engaging in the exchange of information, goods, and services. Similarly, the need for confidentiality and confidence in the integrity of exchanged information is critical. Many other applications in everyday life also require user authentication, such as banking, e-commerce, and physical access control to computer resources, and could benefit from enhanced security. Innovya Research & Development has developed a new Traceless Biometrics Solution protected by a patent that enabling secure transactions without storage of unique biometric information and still can clearly authenticates user's identity.

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