The Checkpoint Automated Assessment System

00:00 04-04-2006

Large class sizes pose a problem for staff involved in assessing student work if marking is done manually. If the workload is to be kept to a manageable level, the amount of work submitted by students must be minimised or more staff must be involved in the marking process. Feedback to students is often delayed as a result of the time spent marking their work, and where large numbers of staff are involved there can be inconsistencies in the standards applied when awarding marks. The Checkpoint automated assessment system is designed to overcome these problems by allowing students to submit their work via a web-based system which marks it automatically, providing instant feedback. Staff can set assignments on a ‘little and often’ basis and can track student progress at each stage. Students can be allowed multiple attempts to enable them to learn from their mistakes before a final grade is recorded. It also supports formal time-limited exams, and it allows staff to adjust marks manually where necessary. It is also a useful tool for management and external examiners as it allows them to check that course objectives are being covered. This seminar will discuss the issues involved in automated assessment and provide a demonstration of the Checkpoint system in action.

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