Random Matrices and Integrability: From Theory to Applications

00:00 25-03-2009

'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'">The purpose of this workshop is to bring together active researchers from several field of mathematical and theoretical physics where integrability constitutes either a central paradigm or an important calculational tool. Not less importantly, we also wish to encourage a dialogue between experienced practitioners of the theory of integrable hierarchies and the physicists of seemingly far-apart disciplines whose research may potentially benefit from the fruitful ideas of integrability.

The workshop topics include (but not restricted to)
   * Mathematical theory of integrability for physicists
   * Integrability of replica field theories in the random-matrix-theory (RMT) limit
   * Nonhermitean random matrices, growth processes and integrable systems
   * Heuristic replica applications in RMT and beyond
   * Novel field-theoretic approaches in RMT and mesoscopics

Please browse the workshop website  
https://www.hit.ac.il/staff/kanzieper/yad8  for further details.

We especially encourage junior scientists and PhD students to apply.

Oded Agam (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Alexander Finkelstein (Weizmann Institute)

'Trebuchet MS','sans-serif'">Anatoly Golberg (Holon Institute of Technology)
Alex Kamenev (University of Minnesota)
Eugene Kanzieper (Holon Institute of Technology)
Jac Verbaarschot (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
Paul Wiegmann (University of Chicago)

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