00:00 20-05-2008

'Courier New'">The  field  of  quantum  information   processing  has
dramatically evolved in the past decade. Various systems have been
proposed  for  the  realization of a quantum computer.  Despite an
enormous  experimental  progress,   due  to  the  high  degree  of
precision  that  is  required,  the  realization  of a large scale
quantum  computer  is  still  not  within  reach.  Recently it was
recognized that quantum simulators are less demanding than quantum
computers.  In  this  talk  I  will describe proposals for quantum
simulations in Ion traps and BECs.   It  will  be  shown  that the
radial degree of freedom of strings of trapped ions in the quantum
regime  may  be  prepared  and  controlled  accurately through the
variation  of  the  external trapping potential  while at the same
time its properties  are measurable with high spatial and temporal
resolution. This provides a new test-bed  giving  access to static
and  dynamical  properties  of  the  physics  of quantum-many-body
systems and quantum phase transitions that are hard to simulate on
classical computers.   Furthermore,  it allows for the creation of
double well potentials  with  experimentally  accessible tunneling
rates and with applications in testing the foundations  of quantum
physics and precision sensing.  A  scheme for the study of methods
for  detecting  Unruh-like  acceleration  radiation  effects  in a
Bose-Einstein  condensate  in  a  1+1  dimensional  setup  will be
described. In particular, the dispersive effects of the Bogoliubov
spectrum  on  the  ideal  case  of  exact  thermalisation  will be

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