New Methods for Data Acquisition and Digital Signal Processing with Real-time Applications

00:00 29-03-2006

1. Introduction: applied aspects of time-domain and frequency-domain analysis of low frequency signals.
2. New methods for Data Acquisition and DSP in Power Systems and real-time applications.
2.1. Optimal methods for dynamic estimation of the actual power-line frequency:
a) Integrating zero-crossing with the time-domain interpolation and matched filtering;
b) Orthogonal phasor decomposition with quasi-synchronous filtering.
2.2. Optimal methods for dynamic estimation of the actual power-line harmonics with reducing leakage-related errors:
a) Quasi-synchronous sample interpolation in the time-domain and following
DFT(FFT) in the frequency-domain;
b) Quasi-synchronous or adaptive filtering with following DFT (FFT) in the frequency- domain;
c) simplified estimation of the harmonic content in the near-stationary conditions
using DFT(FFT) with the rectangular weight functions and following matrix correction.
3. Examples of other Data Acquisition and DSP methods with real-time applications:
a) for sound communication between security people and guard dogs;
b) for medical diagnostics by dynamic ECG analysis.
4. Conclusion: using above mentioned methods in the applied courses and student projects.

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