Natural Language Processing in the Real World

15:00 23-11-2014

Faculty of Sciences invites to a seminar
Natural Language Processing in the Real World
Dr. Nava A. Shaked

23.11.2014 | 15:00 | Building 8, room 424

Lecture Abstract
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the area of researching and developing automatic communication and understandings of different forms of Spoken and Written language. It is part of Artificial Intelligent field which relayed to language processing and machine learning of language understanding and prediction.
NLP technologies are currently part of our everyday lives in mobile communication, call center interaction, human machine interface as well as public services and applications. AT the era of Big Data and Information Retrieval application NLP algorithms and methodologies are mandatory.

The talk will outline various NLP technologies, the challenge of creating robust and analytical language understating models and engines. I will further present the creativity required to meet users’ demands and discuss the how NLP developments are influenced by the changing market forces.

In the mobile world NLP is also used as part of the user interface effort to create a personalized and multimodal interaction which is growing more and more popular and essential.