Nanodots Coupling Control for Room Temperature Operating Quantum Infrared Devices

00:00 16-01-2007

Nanotechnology is in the center of attention in the last decade. The main reason is the drive to use quantum mechanics at our world of high temperatures. Within nano sizes it is still possible, in principle, to address single quantum states at those temperatures. In this way it is possible to study and achieve single photon devices, quantum computers, spin related physics and room temperatures infrared lasers and detectors. However the coupling of nanostructure to the environment is larger than that of single molecules or atoms. The environment may interfere with the simple isolated quantum states. The relations between the quantum and the macroscopic world are not trivial and the coupling between worlds influences the transport, noise, and optical measurements. In our work we are trying to understand the relations between the environment and the nanosystem and create a controlled system for room temperature quantum operation. We aim to build a "nano-tool box" that includes semiconductor narrow band nanocrystals, metal nano particles and organic molecules that link the nanocrystals to a substrate. Only in ultarsmall well defined nanocrystals charging effects and quantum states are well defined in high temperatures, and the organic molecules can serve as efficient controlled couplers. In this talk we will present the open questions that need to be addressed when working with nanodots, and show our nanotools box solution that achieves working room temperature infrared quantum devices.

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