Multi-Level Computational Methods in Electromagnetics

00:00 17-01-2007

Antenna analysis and radar cross section computations are among the traditional applications of the Computational Electromagnetics (CEM). CEM also becomes increasingly important in medical applications and in the design of interconnects and packaging for high-speed digital circuits. Recently, the research activity in the CEM is increasingly directed towards development of computationally efficient techniques. Great majority of accelerated MoM formulations are based on iterative methods augmented by fast multi-level evaluation of the integral transforms. The basic approach stems from the fact that interactions between distant parts of a problem usually involve limited numbers of degrees of freedom. Development of the fast analysis algorithms also fundamentally changes the approach to a variety of applications that can be classified as inverse problems, for instance, antenna design, inverse scattering, and imaging. Using the fast forward-problem solvers, aided by the availability of parallel computers, the inverse problems can be solved by robust stochastic optimization methods such as the genetic optimization.

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