Mathematical models of biological phenomena for practical results

14:00 30-09-2014

Colloquium in Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematical models of biological phenomena for practical results

Dr. Cornel Lustig

September 30 | 14:00 | Science Building 8, Room 424

The lecture will present few of the models that I was involved in their formulation, analysis and usage (for example in prediction): model for neurotransmitter release and its application in discerning the effect of drugs, model of decision-making in mollusks (Aplysia Fasciata), personalized physiological model for optimization of cancer treatment, adjustable feed-back loop for treatment of sleep disorders and a model for personalization and control of light toward performance optimization.
The models involve non-linear systems of differential equations, stochastic modeling and a wide range of simulative and analytical approaches. The work was based on interaction between modeling and experimental data (in usage and generation).
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