MOOCs are here to stay, aren't they?

18:00 15-06-2014

MOOCs are here to stay,
aren't they?

15.6.14 | 18:00 | אולפן טלויזיה, בניין 1

Should universities and colleges be spooked by MOOCs? Should we all be running to make our own, or be content to let our students watch the best ones the world has to offer. And what about credits? Should they get academic credits for taking MOOCs? Who will do the accreditation? And if our students can take amazing MOOCs from Stanford and Harvard towards their degree at our college, what will happen in five years, when nobody will need college campuses anymore. Or will they? How do we blend college experience with academic home schooling? Does anyone know? Come meet the folks who are trying to predict the future, and help forge it.