00:00 15-05-2007

In this talk, I will review Intracavity Laser Absorption Spectroscopy and Cavity Ringdown Laser Absorption Spectroscopy techniques applied to a study of combustion mechanisms. The use of ultrasensitive Laser Absorption Methods allowed us to perform in situ spatial concentration measurements of HCO, 1CH2, OH and CH radicals in a low-pressure flat methane/air flame, and NH and NH2 in N2O doped low-pressure flat methane/air flame, and compare the results with model calculations. Understanding the mechanisms of combustion is of high importance to the mankind. Combustion processes are largest universal source of energy. At the same time, combustion processes are largest source of global pollution. Absolute concentration measurements of intermediate species of combustion mechanism are necessary both for determination of rate constants of radical-radical reactions and for better understand- ing of the chemical mechanisms of combustion. One of the best ways to improve the understanding of those mechanisms is monitoring in situ of spatial concentration profiles of different reactive intermediates followed by comparison of the results with model calculations.

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