Prof. Miky Ronen


Head of the Department of Instructional Technologies

Holon Institute of Technology


E-mail: ronen@hit.ac.il

Tel: +972-3-5026612


Professional Interests and Research

Instructional Design

Interactive Learning Environments

Ed-games & Simulations 

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSLS)

Science Education

Teacher Education & Training



Ph.D. Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science, 1986

M.Sc. Medical Physics, Tel-Aviv University, 1978

B.Sc. Physics, Tel-Aviv University, 1974


Teaching (Graduate & Undergraduate Courses)

*  Interactive Learning Environments

*  Courseware Development and Evaluation

*  E-Learning: Design and Management

*  Teaching and Learning with Simulations and Games

*      Computers in Education & Training

*      Knowledge Organization & Representation

*      Computers for Science Education


Sample Publications


D. Kohen-Vacs, M. Ronen, O. Bar-Ness (2012) Integrating SMS Components into CSCL Scripts, 7th IEEE International Conference on Wireless, Mobile & Ubiquitous Technologies in Education (WMUTE 2012), March 27-30, Takamatsu, Japan.

D. Kohen-Vacs, M. Ronen, O. Ben-Aharon, M. Milrad (2012) Incorporating Mobile Elements in Collaborative Pedagogical Scripts, The 19th International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2011, Nov 28- Dec 2, Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Best Technical Paper Award)

M. Ronen, D. Kohen-Vacs (2011) Modeling, enacting, sharing and reusing online collaborative pedagogy with CeLS, in: Techniques for Fostering Collaboration in Online Learning Communities: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives, Francesca Pozzi, Donatella Persico (eds.) Publisher: IGI Global (319-339)

D. Kohen-Vacs, M. Ronen, M. Milrad, B. Vogel, A. Kurti (2011) An integrated approach for the enactment of collaborative pedagogical scripts using mobile technologies. 9th Int'l. Conf. on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL 2011): Connecting Computer Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice Hong Kong, China 4-8 July.

D. Langley, M. Ronen (2011) Responding to the employability challenge: Final projects for IT-based organizational training Informing Science & IT Education (InSITE 2011): Novi Sad, Serbia, 18-23 June 2011.

D. Langley, M. Ronen (2010) Designing a self-assessment item repository: An authentic project in higher education, Interdisciplinary J. of Information, Knowledge, and Management, 5, 261-275.

R. Hammer, M. Ronen, A. Sharon, T. Lankry, Y. Huberman, V. Zamtsov (2010) Mobile culture in college lectures: Instructors' and students' perspectives, Interdisciplinary J. of E-Learning and Learning Objects (IJELLO), 6, 293-304.

M. Ronen, D. Kohen-Vacs (2009) Designing and applying adaptation patterns embedded in the script. Iinternational Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems (INCoS 2009) - Workshop on "Adaptive Systems for Collaborative Learning" (IWASCL-2009) Barcelona, Spain, 4-9 November  (306-310)

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