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Uriah Gruber, 25, studies towards a degree in Computer Science and a degree in Applied Math, simultaneously. He is also a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Sciences.

HIT's management forum was invited as guests of the Diamond Museum and the Technological Center of the Diamond institute.

HIT's special program for 'Olim Hadashim' is featured in the Israeli Consulate in NYC's newsletter

HIT had made it its priority to foster excellence and leadership in the field of technology, as part of its educational agenda.

Israel Fanta, a third year student at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department at HIT's Faculty of Engineering and the recipient of "Atidim in industry" scholarship, is one example of Hit's implementation of its academic-social agenda

A conference on Trauma as represented in art and design, was held recently at HIT

The president of HIT and the head of the research, development and external relations authority, were invited to Ariel University as guests of the university's vice president.

Prof. Yakubov, president of HIT, was invited to attend the next World Science Forum in Jordan in 2017

Professor Eduard Yakubov, president of HIT, had conducted the annual update meeting, marking the opening of the new academic year, to which he invited all the institute's faculty and administrative staff.